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NGA Glazier Apprentice Curriculum

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NGA offers Glazier Apprentice Curriculum for organizations and companies that want to establish a glazier apprenticeship program approved by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Beginning fall 2021, students who complete the curriculum will earn a jointly endorsed NGA/NCCER credential indicating a journeyman-level minimum competency reached through knowledge and performance.

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What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships combine paid on-the-job training with classroom learning. A Registered Apprenticeship Program must be validated by the DOL or by a State Apprenticeship Agency.

Per the DOL, approved programs must include these five components: 

  1. Payment (wages generally escalate as the apprentice progresses through the program)
  2. On-the-job learning 
  3. Classroom learning 
  4. Mentorship 
  5. Credentials 

What's in the Curriculum?

Our curriculum offers 430+ hours of learning to meet the classroom learning requirement of most three-year apprenticeship programs. It includes online courses, manuals and OSHA 30 certification. (NGA is not an apprenticeship program provider or administrator.)

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$800/student for NGA member companies  |  $1,600/student for nonmember companies

Member companies get a 50% discount

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How Do I Get Started?


Establish your goals

If you’re looking to create a standard, internal training program to onboard new employees, might be your solution. If you want to create a DOL-approved glazier apprenticeship program, identify what’s driving that decision. 


Understand local requirements

Reach out to your State Apprenticeship Agency or the DOL to understand what will be required to set up a program.


Talk to someone who has done it

Experienced administrators can share information on developing on-the-job training schedules. Companies working within the same state or federal requirements can provide additional support.


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Want to Learn More About Apprenticeships?

Read the in-depth article, Training the Next Generation, from Glass Magazine. 

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