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Certification is the Standard

Why get NGA certified?

NGA certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities and help close that bid on the latest proposal. Sure you know you and your employees have the right skills to do the job, but how do you convince potential customers and contractors that you're better than the competition? NGA certification communicates to your customers that you and your employees aspire to the highest of industry standards and best installation practices and safety.

Who should be NGA certified?

  • Any professional glass and glazing installer, project manager and shop-owner.
  • Candidates are eligible to become NGA Certified when they have completed six month's tenure in the industry.

How do I become NGA Certified? It's easy as 1-2-3

  1. Download and submit the Exam Verification Form
  2. Go to, take and pass the online NGA Certification exam
  3. Request your NGA Certified Glass Installer certificate


Members:        $199 per person
Non-member:  $325 per person

How do I prepare to become NGA Certified?

There are two forms of training the NGA offers

1) The comprehensive NGA Glass Installers Manual

2) Online training through

To learn more about NGA Certification and to request an exam verification form, contact or call 866/342-5642, ext 127.

Auto Glass Technician Certification Programs

The NGA has sold its industry-leading auto glass technician certification programs to the Auto Glass Safety Council (formerly the Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS®) Council).

Visit the Auto Glass Safety Council's Certification Website to register-for/renew your certification and download relevant documents

View Commonly Asked Questions about the change