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“Measure your marketing, save money and improve sales.”

Every NGA member can receive a FREE 1-year subscription to!* LogMyCalls is a tool created by ContactPoint with the glass industry in mind. It allows businesses to track which marketing methods are generating phone calls and which are not. It also records calls and allows businesses to score calls on customer service and sales performance.

LogMyCalls is providing the glass industry with tools that have previously only been available to very large businesses or call centers. LogMyCalls will optimize your marketing and improve your sales.

The NGA has partnered with LogMyCalls to offer NGA members a 1-year FREE subscription to LogMyCalls.  Every NGA member receives the following:

  • FREE 1-year LogMyCalls subscription
  • 1 Local or Toll-Free Number
  • FREE Call Recording with 150 call recording minutes
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • FREE Marketing Reports – Which ads generate phone calls and which don’t?

Find out more about the NGA and ContactPoint. To sign up for your free LogMyCalls account visit or contact Jimmy Lea,, 866-811-8880.


*The account is totally FREE for 1 year, but you will be asked for a credit card number during sign up. This is in case you go over the 150 minutes allotted, you will be charged up to 6 cents a minute. You may cancel at any time. Only NGA members who are Main Locations qualify for this offer.