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Marketing Pilgrim

Can your customers find your business on Google? Are your competitors number one on Google, while your site languishes on the fifth page of results? Marketing Pilgrim can help you boost your web presence today.

The NGA has partnered with search engine optimization (SEO) and branding expert Andy Beal to provide members with an exclusive analysis and audit. Dozens of NGA members have already benefited from Beal's advice and now you too can boost your search engine rankings, customer inquiries, and sales. Marketing Pilgrim also offers online reputation management analysis and social media monitoring tools.

This exclusive SEO Audit includes:

  • Technical analysis of your web site's architecture and design. What's preventing Google from ranking your web site higher? Why are your potential customers leaving your web site in frustration?
  • Written recommendations and point-by-point instructions. Beal will outline the precise changes that will ensure your web site receives more search engine traffic and generates more sales.
  • Personal consultation. Beal will provide your team with a custom consultation to go over each detail of the SEO Audit, answer your questions, and put you on the fast-track to success.

In addition, NGA members will receive an exclusive discount on all SEO Audits .

With 82% of all new customers using search engines to look for businesses, don't let them find your competitor instead! Contact the NGA to request a free quote and learn how an SEO Audit can help make your business better.