Window & Door Honors The Industry’s Innovators
In Products, Manufacturing and Marketing
September 2005

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Most Innovative Window

Large Manufacturer  (sales over $100 million)
CrestWood Double-Hung Window with Simulated Transom
Crestline Windows & Doors, Mosinee, WI

By enlarging the top sash and adding a 31⁄2-inch profiled rail to the interior and exterior of the glass, Crestline has created a simulated transom option for its CrestWood double-hung window. The fully operational window offers the appearance of a double hung with a transom stacked on top. The all-in-one design offers several advantages. Stacked configurations increase per unit costs, sometimes significantly, depending on the size and shape of the transom. Compared to stacking and mulling a transom above a window, the CrestWood simulated transom has greater structural integrity, is easier to install and costs 15-25 percent less. The pricing allows contractors an opportunity to make attractive margins on the product.

The CrestWood line of simulated transoms is available in rectangular, eyebrow, round and gothic configurations, with the top sash remaining fully operational, allowing for more airflow and easy cleaning. The option does not limit customer choices in grilles, either. The windows are available with snap-in wood grilles, grilles in the airspace, value divided lites and simulated v-groove glass.

Transoms are one of the most popular complementary windows requested by homeowners today. The extra window brings added sunlight into a room while providing additional character and depth. The CrestWood double-hung with simulated transom enables homeowners to enjoy these benefits
at a lower cost.

Most Innovative Door
Large Manufacturer  (sales over $100 million) The Premium Fiberglass Door with PURfiber Technology
Jeld-Wen, Klamath Falls, OR

Said to represent completely new thinking in the category, Jeld-Wen Premium Fiberglass doors incorporate PURFiber technology. The name reflects the fact that the doors are manufactured using a polyurethane, rather than the polyester used in most fiberglass doors. The new doors also have more than twice the amount of fiberglass content than is common in the industry—35 percent compared to 10 to 12 percent—to make them stronger and more reliable than other fiberglass doors and to give them the ability to stand up to hurricane forces.

Adding to the door’s ability to withstand harsh climates, AuraLast wood is used along the door edges. Real wood treated to resist wood decay, water absorption and termite infestation,  Auralast in the door edges allows for customizable sizing and ultimate weather protection, even if the door must be modified to fit a particular opening.

The manufacturing technology used in the doors also enables Jeld-Wen to offer the line in 32 styles with pronounced, realistic looking woodgrains, including mahogany and alder.

While offering superior style and performance, the manufacturing technology is also said to allow the doors to be priced competitively with existing fiberglass doors on the market.

Most Innovative Window
Small or Medium Manufacturer  (sales under $100 million)
SunBlinds Double Hungs and Sliders
Sunrise Windows Ltd., Temperance, MI

Two years ago, our judges recognized Sunrise Windows with a Crystal Achievement Award for its unique offering of SunBlinds between-the-glass mini blinds in its casement and picture window lines. Last year, the company expanded that program, bringing the same option to its double hungs, sliders and tilt-in sliders. Offering this unique option in the vinyl replacement window market  obviously continues to impress our judges, as they once again decided to recognize the expanded SunBlinds line.

The manufacturer notes that getting SunBlinds into double-hung, slider and tilt-in slide windows required a combination of ingenuity and redesign on several levels. Among the most important considerations were keeping true to the traditional wood look of the windows. Sunrise elected to make the mini blinds in the double hungs and sliders operate in a tilt-only mode, which is compatible with the movement of these windows. Sealed between the panes of glass and operated by a low-profile, easy-to-use lever at the top of the sash, SunBlinds stay out of the way of most other window treatments, giving homeowners flexibility to decorate however they choose. 

Most Innovative Door
Small or Medium Manufacturer  (sales under $100 million)
Liberty Sweepless Door System
Pollard Windows Inc., Burlington, ON

The Liberty Sweepless Door System incorporates an exclusive water trap sill design. The sill and door work together to eliminate the need for a door sweep. Constructed of durable 1⁄16-inch aluminum, the new door sill has raised ribs for good traction and a tight weatherproof seal. Its unique water trap design captures driving rain in a PVC channel that releases the water outside through a covered weep hole. A PVC subsill prevents moisture from coming in contact with the wood frame, and a continuous sill running under the jambs put a stop to jamb rot. “We are always looking at new ways to improve our products and to give customers more maintenance-free benefits and values,” says Karen Pollard-Josling, director of marketing for the company. “By removing the sweep we have eliminated sweep tears or adjustments while still achieving a tight weather seal.”

Most Innovative Door
Honorable Mention–Small or Medium Manufacturer  (sales under $100 million)
Insulated Entry Door with Both
Internal Grids and Internal Blinds
Precision Entry Inc., Sugarcreek, OH

As part of a thorough product line enhancement process designed to make sure every entry system it offered was Energy Star compliant, Precision Entry analyzed each of its unit configurations and discovered that its internal blinds did not pass these stringent standards for energy efficiency. Since the manufacturer owns an insulating glass company, its engineers soon began researching various ways to insulate another pane of glass, thus making its internal blind units triple-glazed.

This enabled Precision’s internal blinds to pass Energy Star standards, but it also created a new opportunity when the company determined its contoured internal grids fit perfectly into this additional air space. Prior to this development, if homeowners wanted grids on their doors with internal blinds, their only option was to use external grids, which were a hassle to clean. Now homeowners can experience the beauty and convenience of blinds and grids, while never having to deal with cleaning them.

Most Innovative Glazing Technology
Sage Glass Electronically
Tintable Glazing
Sage Electrochromics Inc., Faribault, MN

Windows, doors and skylights equipped with electronically tintable glazing allow the end user to vary the amount of tinting in his or her window with the push of a button. Commercially available in Velux skylights, SageGlass can be darkly tinted when the sun shines brightly, and remain clear on cloudy or rainy days.

Used in fenestration products, the switchable glazing reduces energy consumption and lowers energy bills, as well as eliminating glare on computer and television screens.  It provides a more even temperature throughout the home and dramatically reduces fading of furniture, fabrics and artwork.  The glazing also increases security of the home, as breakage in the glass can trigger an alarm.

Traditional methods of controlling unwanted glare and heat entering the home include shades and blinds. However, when these are in use, the very reason for the window—the view—is lost. With electronically tintable windows, all of the above benefits can be enjoyed without ever losing the view through the window. The electrochromic technology has been undergoing testing by the U.S. Government and independent third parties for more than seven years. Results of these tests show a lifetime of operation of more than 20 years. The glazing can be fabricated as a standard dual-pane unit or laminated for safety applications. Once installed, the window or skylight can be operated using a wall switch, remote control or central energy management system.

Most Innovative Window Component
TruScene Insect Screen
Andersen Windows, Bayport, MN

TruScene insect screens are made with a virtually invisible screen material that provides clearer views and greater airflow and is less visible from outside the home. The high-strength stainless steel material is said to be twice as strong as standard insect screen material. It is highly transparent and durable. The insect screen material features 41 percent smaller mesh openings than standard Andersen insect screen material to protect against the smallest bugs. It is the highest-transparency insect screen available that helps protect against gnats and “no-see-ums.”

The view through Andersen TruScene insect screens is more than 50 percent clearer than through standard Andersen insect screens. The insect screen is often viewed as a necessary evil by homeowners, the manufacturer notes. The new screen minimizes their concerns but still keeps bugs at bay.

Most Innovative Door Component
Wood Clad Ultimate Astragal
Endura Products Inc., Colfax, NC

Designed to protect high-end wood or fiberglass French doors from failure and deterioration, Endura’s Wood Clad Ultimate Astragal offers both beauty and enhanced performance. Available in oak, mahogany, pine and Douglas fir to meet a variety of builders’ and homeowners’ needs, the wood is molded from clear grade lumber and is ready for finish coating by the prehanger. Specially designed bronze trim caps and end gaskets contour the ends of the astragals to provide a superior seal without obscuring the overall appearance of the wood face.

The astragal provides a three-point sealing system, multi-positionable strike and deadbolt plates and enhanced security features. The product encapsulates the inactive door panel to provide maximum strength and a secure seal. A special “floating seal” is attached to the flush bolt and therefore lifts with the bolt instead of dragging across the sill to assure an excellent, durable fit.

Most Innovative Plant
Silver Line Windows
North Brunswick, NJ

At 880,000 square feet, Silver Line’s manufacturing facility in North Brunswick, NJ, is definitely one of the largest vinyl window plants in the U.S. Serving as both corporate headquarters and Silver Line’s showcase of efficient window manufacturing, the facility is described by executives as “a confluence of enormity, tremendous volume and precision fine-tuning.”

While the facility is not new, that fine-tuning is a continuous process, and recent developments at the plant obviously impressed the Crystal Achievement judges this year. Over the last 12 months, the layout and product flow of each assembly line has been analyzed and reconfigured, saving an average of 20 percent in recovered floor space.  WIP (work in process) has also been reduced by an average of 15 percent on each line, resulting in improved quality, reduced handling and labor and overall improved efficiency.

In each assembly area, proprietary systems have been put in place to deal with the unique environment of vinyl window manufacturing. The actual window manufacturing area looks more like a hi-tech assembly line than a traditional window factory. Labor-intensive, manual window assembly has been replaced by computer screens, robotic arms, four-point welders, optimizing programs and custom workstations with proprietary automation.
Another point of pride at Silver Line is the fact that its order entry, assembly line and shipping systems have all been “manufactured” in-house. Order entry involves tens of thousands of windows per day, so many orders are received by Silver Line through EDI (Electronic Data Interface). Without a single person being involved, the EDI entry system handles more than 2,000 orders, and 15,000 windows, in a typical day.

The company has also developed a proprietary tracking system. Windows are bar coded and scanned through every step of assembly, quality inspection and packaging.  The exact location of each window is “known” at any given moment, allowing easy expediting of rush orders.  Windows are scanned during assembly, again when they are loaded for delivery and again when they arrive at the customer’s door. If any exception occurs, such as accidental breakage, scanning instantly updates the backorder and automatically reorders the needed window.

As each completed window advances closer to shipping, the custom-designed tracking system use real-time analysis to monitor every movement.  If a window stops for any reason, wireless instant messages go out to expeditors and sales staff, appearing on their hand-held Blackberry devices. Where necessary, a window can be re-made, or a truck can be held until the missing window catches up to the rest of the order. Once on the road, a global positioning system tracks the movement of 350 trucks per day, assuring that orders arrive on schedule.

Injection molding
Another recent innovation at the New Jersey plant is the use of an injection-molding system to produce a solid, one-piece finished window sash and frames. The process requires a huge multi-station molding machine—the size of a tour bus—and combines decades of window design knowledge with robotics, unique new gas-assisted tooling and a proprietary resin. Paradoxically, this complex process produces a window that is beautiful in its simplicity, officials note. Solid, extra sturdy and of consistently high quality, the hopper and slider windows offer sash that fit precisely within their molded frames and provide an especially tight weatherseal. This new manufacturing process delivers beauty, function and precision, the company points out, and offers consumers a new low-price structure in windows.

Injection molding is not new at Silver Line. The North Brunswick plant has an extensive injection-molding operation that produces literally millions of hardware parts each week and supplies nine Silver Line factories in seven states with custom components, made in-house under strict quality controls.

Vertical integration
The in-house injection-molding department reflects what has long been seen as a key to success at Silver Line—vertical integration from start to finish. From vinyl profile extruding, to injection molding of hardware, to making the screens and glass units for every window, Silver Line controls cost, continuity and quality by producing many of the components it uses in each window and door.

Silver Line is not only one of the largest manufacturers of vinyl windows in the U.S., it is also one of the largest extruders of vinyl window profiles. Since high-volume vinyl window production requires tons of PVC resin, it arrives by rail a couple of times per week, in tank cars filled with vinyl powder. With up to eight rail cars positioned inside the building at any one time, automatic unloading is a necessity. Each individual tank car is pressurized with air, using a huge compressor that is powered by two V-8 engines. The PVC powder is blown out of rail cars and through a pipe system to one of four resin silos nearby.  From there, PVC powder is distributed by air pressure across the ceiling through a manifold system of feed pipes, continuously supplying a line of over 50 extrusion machines. This enables the high-speed vinyl profile presses to run 24/7 and 51 weeks a year with minimum disruption and maximum output.

The shear scale and high speed of the manufacturing system in the North Brunswick plant “enables Silver Line to purchase the best materials at the best price, and then to process those components into a finished window with remarkable efficiency,” the company reports.  “Quality assurance testing, waste reduction methods and batch processing that would not be cost effective on a smaller scale, work together in harmony in the North Brunswick plant with excellent results, allowing greater levels of quality and greater cost savings.”

In selecting the Silver Line facility for the Crystal Achievement Award this year, our judges obviously recognize the innovations that continue to be introduced at the plant. “The midnight oil is still burning,” executives at the vinyl window maker note. “For Silver Line, vinyl window manufacturing is a work in progress.”

Most Innovative Machine
IG Production/Glazing
i-3 System
GED Integrated Solutions, Twinsburg, OH

Featuring a new Intercept Frame machine that allows one-piece flow spacer production and fully automated size changes in less than 30 seconds, GED’s i-3 system—also featuring a new Smart Extruder, new oven press and new CleanCut glass cutting and edge deletion line—offers total integration between every facet of a plant’s operation. The i-3 system increases profits through reduced floor space, reduced work-in-process inventory, reduced labor (including reduced overtime and second shift requirements) and reduced scrap. Additionally, the platform offers window and door manufacturers increased throughput and flexibility to meet daily demands, shorten lead times and increase capacity to meet peak season demands. The company reports its use could result in savings of up to $3.00-$4.00 per window. Representing a “holistic” approach to manufacturing, the i-3 platform works with the supplier’s LeanNet communication software that allows information to be dynamically passed from the front office throughout the plant, from raw materials to shipping. Allowing for the remakes and rush orders that typically challenge window manufacturing operations, i-3 technology coordinates machines, processes, software and people to address these issues and get orders out the door fast.

Most Innovative Machine
Frame, Sash or Door Fabrication
Automated Welding and Cleaning Lines
Urban Machinery, Cambridge, ON

Modular machine components enable Urban to customize high-speed, automated welding and cleaning lines in ways not previously available to meet fabricators’ very unique specifications. A variety of its standard horizontal welders and corner cleaners can be configured to maximize units per operator/hour and square foot for any production level or product mix.

Previously, automated four-point welder offloading of multiple units meant a large footprint to accommodate window frames end-to-end. One example of Urban’s new space-saving designs is a multi-tiered handling and centering system that allows for these multiple units to be queued vertically, requiring minimal floor space.

Machine sizes can be requested to exactly match line requirements, optimizing the use of floor space. In addition, layout configurations can also be customized to fit a particular area, including the ability to turn corners or nest into a particularly tight space.
The welding and cleaning lines also feature new state-of-the-art maintenance features that keep the high-speed machines producing around the clock. Semi-automatic or fully automatic lubrication systems provide central ports and automatic application of lubricants to critical components. Comprehensive self-diagnostics and accessible and numbered components help to quickly identify maintenance culprits and get machines back and running.  Also available are real-time machine monitoring via network, preventative maintenance triggers, high efficiency dust blow-off and containment systems and other unique safety and maintenance features. Finally, the supplier notes, all its lines easily integrate with existing information systems via network or online connection. Additionally, operator and maintenance interfaces are available in multiple languages, adding flexibility for today’s workforce. 

Most Innovative Program
Large Manufacturer (sales over $100 million)
International Builders’ Show Debut
Simonton Windows, Parkersburg, WV

In January, Simonton Windows made its first appearance at a major trade show—the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, FL. Rather than place its toe gingerly in the water, the company dove in with a 3,285-square-foot exhibit that featured a giant moving weather system, several profile homes and more than 75 products.

With a focus on its hurricane-resistant StormBreaker Plus product line, the booth’s innovative design featured a 37-foot-tall weather system that captivated attendees with flashing lights and sounds of drenching rain and crashing thunder. While the booth itself was remarkable, the abundance of coordinated marketing programs designed to promote Simonton’s participation in IBS before, during and after the show was also impressive.
The company distributed 5,000 free backpacks with the Simonton logo on them to booth visitors, thus creating awareness on the show floor. It co-hosted home builder association receptions for Florida, Texas and North Carolina to increase awareness of the StormBreaker Plus products among builders in three coastal markets. Continuing the storm theme, the company partnered with The Weather Channel to have representatives at the show offer free memberships to their Notify! severe weather alert program.

Simonton also extended its presence at the show beyond its exhibit space by donating windows to the Next/Gen Safe and Sound Demonstration Home located in the parking lot outside of the convention center. It also co-hosted a hospitality suite in the center with its sister companies to provide lunch for customers and selected show attendees.

After the show, the company followed up with a specially created StormBreaker Plus envelope to send out information to attendees. Various literature pieces were included in the envelope, including “Surviving Hurricane Season 2004” and “What Every Homeowner Should Know About Hurricane Safety.” The company also posted a show wrap-up on its Web site. For customers, it created a multi-page edition of the customer newsletter, InFocus, dealing solely with the IBS show. The major goals of customer interaction and increasing awareness of the company were achieved. 

By using an abundance of unique marketing tools—everything from View-masters to backpacks, to special events—Simonton was able to maximize its first-ever trade show experience.

Most Innovative Program
Honorable Mention–Large Manufacturer (sales over $100 million)
Corporate Logo Redesign
Windsor Windows & Doors, West Des Moines, IA

The Windsor marketing department undertook the difficult task of redesigning the corporate logo in the fall of 2004. The previous full-body version of the lion was outdated and difficult to utilize in contemporary media. There was also confusion of similar logos in certain regions of the country. The company determined through market research that retaining the blue color and the lion image was valuable to maintaining continuity and recognition, but it wanted a new icon to represent the pride of its workmanship, the innovation of its engineering and the optimism of its owners and business partners.

After creating an illustration of a lion that better reflects the dynamic company Windsor has become, marketing officials began implementing the logo in all print collateral and in all internal and external forms of advertising and public relations. The company created new national and regional advertisements promoting the brand as an excellent choice for builders, architects and homeowners. A Win Kit CD was produced to provide the company’s distributors with immediate access to Windsor’s marketing materials.

An extensive new merchandising program was also developed to demonstrate the company’s products in distributors’ showrooms. A standard display program is available to meet the needs of smaller distributors, and a premium display program has been designed for more elaborate showrooms.

An important component of the new marketing program is an exciting internal branding initiative. The company developed a theme utilizing the acronym PRIDE to instill positive character and enthusiastic camaraderie among its employees. Implementing this internal initiative has illuminated Windsor’s facilities with dynamic graphics that have revitalized the workplace and its workforce. In coordination with these graphics, it has also updated the functional line designation signage in both of its manufacturing facilities.

New interior and exterior building signage has been produced for the corporate headquarters, and the company is currently applying eye-catching graphics to the trailers that carry the product across the country. Finally, apparel and premium items that have had the company’s logo applied are now available for distributors and employees through the company’s store. These promotional items carry the sense of pride in workmanship into every showroom and onto every jobsite.

Most Innovative Program
Small or Medium Manufacturer (sales under $100 million)
Enhancement Windows
Dealer Program
Republic Windows & Doors, Chicago

Prior to the launch of Republic’s Enhancement Windows line, the manufacturer had an extensive array of literature and home demonstration tools for its dealers. The quality and performance of the windows, to be marketed as a luxury product, compelled the company’s marketing team to look at this program with fresh eyes. The result is a distinctive approach with a harmonized look and feel and a strong emphasis on educating the homeowner.

All display and demonstration materials were designed to complement each other—sample window cases, case covers, demonstration kits and mobile point-of-purchase displays all further establish the Enhancement brand. In addition, the demonstration kit includes improved tools, such as a BTU meter with a percentage toggle that permits demonstration of the glass option performance in a manner easily understood by the homeowner.

Enhancement’s brochures and accompanying literature were carefully conceived to present an appropriately upscale impression to the homeowner. The high-caliber cool blue cover and thick, glossy pages convey quiet elegance, while the foil-stamped Enhancement logo throughout the warranty packet suggests integrity and cohesion.

Special attention was also paid to the photography and room styling, which give the literature lushness and warmth, mirroring the look of a chic interior design magazine by showing windows as decorative elements rather than utilitarian necessities. All the photos are varnished, so they ‘pop’ off the page. Republic offers a standard full-size Enhancement brochure, a condensed version for dealers participating in shows and events and a customizable version with the dealer’s logo and company story.

The crowning touch on the Enhancement marketing program is the Enhancement Web site, which was selected by judges as this year’s Crystal Achievement Award winner for Best Industry Web Site.

Republic ensures the sanctity of the brand by allowing only the most qualified dealers to sell Enhancement windows. One of the requirements is that Enhancement dealers certify their installers to AAMA standards. This ensures customers that Enhancement is properly installed every time—another detail prominently featured in all marketing materials that reinforces the high quality standards set for the window line.

Best Product Literature
Eagle Window & Door
Dubuque, IA

Specifically created to reflect the company’s high-end customers and its wide array of products and options, Eagle’s marketing materials include a selection guide, a guide to interior finishes, a coastal product guide, an introduction piece on the company’s protective film VisionGuard, an anodized finish guide, a replacement window guide, a commercial guide, a color selector guide and an architectural detail file CD.

Consistency played a major role in the design and layout of all materials. The user recognizes a playful execution in design and function, offering a familiar tool regardless of which collateral piece is being used.

Careful consideration went into every detail, including photography selection, paper weight and design layout. The overall goal was to invite customers to experience Eagle for themselves.

All Eagle dealers have the ability to order the product literature online through the dealers-only Web site. This assures that each one has full access to this set of multifunctional tools and can use them to showcase Eagle products and build brand awareness.

Most Innovative Program
Industry Supplier
Super Spacer TriSeal
Edgetech IG Inc., Cambridge, OH 

By 2004, various studies and projections were indicating a strong rebound in nonresidential construction. Realizing the potential for this market, Edgetech launched its Super Spacer TriSeal product, a silicone foam warm-edge spacer system specifically engineered for the commercial glazing market.

The TriSeal Product Kit was designed to help educate architects and specifiers about the attributes of the new product, most notably how it could be used in structural glazing applications. The company had spent the past 10 years educating architects and specifiers about the features and benefits of warm-edge technology for captured glazed units in nonresidential applications. Based on market experience, Edgetech knew that technical data, actual product samples and case studies were key to convincing the audience to specify TriSeal in structural glazing projects. Instead of using a basic sample ring with product samples, Edgetech created a compact black catalog that includes actual product samples, product performance data and colors and sizes of all of the company’s products. It created the catalog to entice architects and specifiers to keep it as a warm-edge reference tool. It is the company’s most requested item by architects and specifiers worldwide.

Best Industry Web Site 
Republic Windows & Doors, Chicago

A key part of Republic’s Crystal Achievement Awardwinning marketing program for its Enhancement Window System, was created to be as innovative as the product it promotes. Designed in-house by Eric Cohen, Republic’s multimedia designer, and graphic designer Jason Sato, the look of the site was inspired by Josef Albers, a professor at the famed Bauhaus school in Germany best known for his paintings of concentric squares focusing on the relationship of color. “We adapted his idea by using the four colors and four squares of the Enhancement logo,” says Cohen.

The designers used Flash and 3DS-Max software to create a site that educates as well as entertains the user. “A homeowner that is interested in spending a little more money to get the best product needs to understand what it is that makes Enhancement truly revolutionary,” says Sato. Detailed explanations of Enhancement’s features and easy-to-understand breakdowns of its glass options give homeowners the tools they need to make informed decisions about new windows. The fun “take the quiz” feature further reinforces what the homeowner has learned during their visit.

In addition, 3-D animation, video, slide shows, walkthroughs and games lets users get a behind-the-scenes look into the construction of the windows. “We even give them a chance to build their own window complete with color and decorative options,” says Cohen. This real-time ‘build your own’ tool for homeowners permits them to envision Enhancement in their homes in as many variations as they like.

Enhancement dealers especially benefit from the site’s content. Explanations of how dealers are selected and information on the InstallationMasters installer certification program (which Republic requires of all Enhancement dealers) are included, and the dealer locator feature quickly directs homeowners to the closest Enhancement dealer. Another valuable dealer feature is online product registration, which captures valuable demographic information that is forwarded to dealers so they can use it to refine their marketing efforts for the future.

The Fine Print—How the Winners were Selected
To truly determine the industry’s most innovative products, companies, organizations, and technologies, Window & Door gathers a broad range of input for our Crystal Achievement Awards program.

To do this, we solicit a wide range of manufacturers, suppliers and others, representing all segments of the industry, to serve as judges. We also invite previous winners, recognized innovators themselves, to vote on these awards. Executives involved in the wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, steel and composites segments of the industry, as well as suppliers of glass and glazing products, hardware, software and equipment, participate. We have judges involved primarily in windows and patio doors, as well as representatives from the entry door business.

Each judge receives a package of nominations, submitted by magazine readers and others, and is asked to rank the nominees in each category they choose to judge. Judges cannot vote for their own companies. Winners are chosen based on the cumulative rankings of the judges.

We wish to thank the judges for their efforts in making the Crystal Achievement Awards truly reflect the industry’s best.