Owners of Weather Shield Acquire Peachtree Companies
November 2001

The Schield family, which owns Weather Shield Mfg., Inc., Medford, WI, has acquired SNE Enterprises and Peachtree Doors & Windows from Nortek, Inc. Nortek, which reports proceeds from the sale of approximately $45 million, continues to own Great Lakes Windows and Thermal Gard in the U.S. and CWD in Canada.

The former Nortek operations, known collectively as The Peachtree Cos., and Weather Shield will operate as two independent organizations, it is reported.  Independent brands, sales forces, and distribution channels will be retained, while administrative and executive functions will be shared.  “Acquiring Peachtree represents an excellent opportunity to target unique market segments outside of the Weather Shield brand’s core strength,” states Mark Schield, vice president of Weather Shield and co-owner of TPC Acquisition, Inc., which the family formed to buy the operations.  “We’ve become successful by taking a hands-on approach to the business.  By utilizing our family’s

expertise in manufacturing, marketing, and sales, we believe we can quickly establish a foundation for long-term profitability.” The Schield family, including Weather Shield founder Lee Schield and his other son, Kevin, will be actively involved in the day-to-day strategic and operational management of the acquired operations.  “Our goal for both the Peachtree companies and Weather Shield Windows and Doors is to provide the highest quality, most complete offering of doors and windows to builder, remodeler, manufactured housing, and do-it-yourself customers,” Mark Schield reports. 

Nortek has made a strategic decision  “to exit the wood window business and focus its financial and management resources on its growing market for vinyl products and other operations,” states Richard L. Bready, chairman and chief executive officer.  The additional investment of time and capital that would be required to vertically integrate these businesses and achieve sufficient cost savings to generate adequate returns can be better invested in the company’s remaining operations.  Bready notes that Nortek “will commit additional resources to expanding our lines of vinyl siding, windows for the remodeling and replacement markets, decking, and related vinyl building accessories.”

Headquartered in Norcross, GA, the Peachtree operations manufacture doors, windows, and skylights sold under the Peachtree, Crestline, Vetter, and Kenergy brands.  Employing some 2,700 people, it has operations on Stevens Point and Mosinee, WI; Norcross and Gainesville, GA; and Huntington, WV. Also employing about 2,700 people, Weather Shield operates facilities in Medford, Ladysmith, Park Falls, and Greenwood, WI, as well as Logan, UT.  With the acquisition, Bob Schoofs, general manager of Weather Shield, also becomes chief executive officer of The Peachtree Cos.  Robert C. MacDonald remains as president of the Peachtree operations.