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June 25, 2013 • 7 pm-8:15 pm EST

$189 ($149 Member)

Presented by: Max Perlistein

The latest and most popular marketing initiatives, including traditional, online, trade oriented, and more. Case studies on both successful and failed ad campaigns are featured, as well as a look at marketing programs from within the glass and glazing industry. Max Perilstein is the Managing Partner of Sole Source Consultants and an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience marketing at every level of the industry.



July 9, 2013 • 7 pm-8:15 pm EST

$189 ($149 Member)

Presented by: Mike Lemen

Find out which product segments are most likely to disrupt your business model in the years to come. An in-depth look at new products (on the market, almost ready, or on the drawing board) allows you to see what is available and helps you plan your future business strategies. Mike Lemen is the President of Therm-View.



July 23, 2013• 7 pm-8:15 pm EST

$189 ($149 Member)

Presented by: Susan MacKay & Matt Johnson

The Affordable Care Act, from a perspective other than an insurance company or broker. Understand key components of the Act and the interplay of those items with a company's document and insurance management, as well as some risks of non-compliance. Susan and Matt are attorneys with the Gary Law Firm.



August 20, 2013• 7 pm-8:15 pm EST

$189 ($149 Member)

Presented by: Mark Silverberg

In the post-recession economy, forecasting for your business has become much more difficult because volatility has increased. Review studies and forecasting tools that you can use to map out future paths for your business and budget successfully for the future. Mark Silverberg is the President of Technoform.



October 22, 2013• 7 pm-8:15 pm EST

$189 ($149 Member)

Presented by: Russell Huffer

Gain insight into emerging leadership trends from an industry giant. Russ Huffer breaks down what makes a good leader, how to manage people and projects, and how to survive and thrive in a volatile economic climate. Russ Huffer is the former CEO of Apogee which is the parent company of Viracon, Harmon, Wausau Metals, Linetec, Tubelite, and Tru Vue.



November 12, 2013• 7 pm-8:15 pm EST

$189 ($149 Member)

Presented by: Rick Kalson

Legal and contract issues that play a significant role in the day-to-day business of glass and glazing companies. How to win the payment battle through the proper use of lien, payment bonds, state prompt payment acts, contract terms and conditions and key judicial decisions. Also, find out about other legal remedies available to secure payment. Rick Kalson is the chairman of the Construction Services Group.

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