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Top Project Management Expert Addresses Glazing Executives Forum

WASHINGTON, DC (September 13, 2012)—Frank Ryle, one of the foremost project management specialists in the world, today led an interactive and lively panel discussion on trends in project management at the Annual Glazing Executives Forum in Las Vegas. The forum was held in conjunction with the GlassBuild America Expo, the industry’s premier annual trade event.

"The glazing industry is operating in a new environment with new clients, an aging workforce and a potentially longer than expected recession," said Ryle, the author of Keeping Score: Project Management for the Pros, a book and video unveiling a nine step approach to project management. "The ability to deliver projects on time and maintain customer satisfaction is critical to survival and success."

The session also featured project managers from NGA member firms City Glass, Giroux Glass Inc, Heinaman Contract Glazing and BAGS Inc., who offered their insight into the evolving approach to project management in the glazing industry.

"Project management as a separate discipline has continued to grow from a competency to a named role and potential career in many companies," noted Ryle, who also has an architectural and
engineering background.

Ryle and the panelists discussed the explosive growth of project management, trends in tools and techniques, the need to blend both hard and soft skills, and tips and tricks to improve project management in the industry.

"There is a trend in project management to move beyond the traditional left brain—the literal, sequential, metric side—and try to engage the right side of thebrain that is more focused on creativity, emotions and fun, in order to improve engagement of and communication with stakeholders," Ryle said.

The panel discussion was the final session of this year's Glazing Executives Forum, which had a record number of participants this year.

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