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Laminated Glazing Reference Manual

This Laminated Glazing Reference Manual is an updated edition of the original manual developed in 2009. This manual presents useful information, technical and performance data and the installation guidelines for laminated glass products. The 2019 edition includes the latest information on laminating interlayers, as well as in-depth discussions of the applications of laminated architectural glass including: safety, solar control, ultraviolet radiation, sound control, security, sloped glazing & skylights, wind storms & hurricane resistance, and earthquake resistance. Updates on laminated glass strength, cutting, handling and installation are highlighted. This edition also features the up-to-date listing of standards applicable to laminated glass.

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An Owner's Guide to Exit & Succession Planning 

NGA's Guide to Exit & Succession Planning Named Best Business Book of the Year

An Owner's Guide to Exit & Succession Planning features in-depth advice on the exit process and management succession from experts at Beacon Exit Planning, covering everything from the types of exits, to taxation, to contingency planning.

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Project Manager's Reference Manual

This manual serves as a reference for project managers within the glass and glazing industry who have a minimum of one year's experience. It covers everything from considerations in how to set up a project through the details of a successful project closeout. It is not meant to provide an exhaustive list, but to serve as a starting point for project manager training. It is the responsibility of the users of this manual to ensure that project managers comply with all relevant laws, rules, regulations, standards and other requirements, particularly contract obligations.

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Concepts for Analyzing Glass Tempering Problems

Developed by Stanley W. Joehlin, this unique video series and education kit offers 50 years of experience with glass tempering equipment. Includes diagrams, detailed photographs, tempering demonstrations and real-world case studies to serve as a guide to both fundamental concepts and troubleshooting tactics.

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PIB Primary Sealant Guideline

This document discusses the function of PIB primary sealants in insulating glass units (IGU), specifically looking at the performance and aesthetic attributes of Polyisobutylene (PIB).

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Guide to the Glass and Glazing Requirements of the Model Building Codes – 5th Edition (updated January 2016)

This guide will assist glaziers and glass installers in complying with all appropriate glazing requirements of the Model Building Codes. Includes chapters on Building Codes, Safety Glazing, Fire-Rated Glazing, Structural Requirements, Energy Conservation Codes, Green Construction, Accessibility, Repair and Alteration Work, and Compliance and Responsibility.

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Employee Safety Guide

A reference guide to help your employees protect themselves and your company. Information includes forklift and scaffold safety, OSHA regulations, and how to protect yourself and others from blood borne pathogens.

Set of 10 guides

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