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Plan for the Future at GPAD

My son Thomas and I attended GPAD San Antonio in 2019. We were in the process of changing our wholesale operation over to FeneTech software. We wanted get all the information we could about the software and also where the industry was headed.  

GPAD proved to be the ideal event for having those conversations. Plus, the networking aspect of it was excellent.   

GPAD was helpful to us in showing the potential needs of technology and equipment that will be necessary in shaping the look and structure of our company three, five and 10 years from now. The insights from presenters and the networking opportunities with like-minded owners and operators as to the future of fabrication and installation needs were invaluable to us. It's helped our planning and budgeting process moving forward. 


GPAD 2022 will be held in Nashville, March 29-30. Learn more about the event