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Workforce Development: New Hires

male worker adjusts a unit of glass on a manufacturing  line

Effective workforce development starts with the recruitment and hiring process, and extends through successful integration of a new employee into your company. It takes strategy and commitment to find new people and successfully onboard them into your company and culture.

But, new hires who know the rules, expectations, and opportunities at your company are more likely to become successful team members.

To help in the recruitment and onboarding process, this New Hire Toolkit contains guidelines, articles, and checklists surrounding employee hiring, orientation, paperwork, safety training, reviews, skills training, and mentoring and career development to set your new employees up for success.

Check out these resources to get started

Recruitment Resources


(from 2022 Industry Pulse survey responses)

  • Increased pay
  • Bonus and incentive programs
  • Good training
  • Flexible work options
  • Word of mouth
  • Local advertising
  • Expanded benefits
  • Company culture

Insights from NGA Magazines

Download new hire paperwork templates to keep you organized

Find in-depth articles to learn about effective workforce development and training

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Know How to Navigate the first 90 days


Train and Educate Your New Employees Well Online Training

  • Sign up for the Intro to Glass & Glazing Trade Package, which includes:
    • History of Glass
    • The Float Glass Manufacturing Process
    • Introduction to Glazing Practices
    • Glass and Metals 101
    • Basics of Architectural Aluminum
    • Basics of Sealants
    • Basics of Insulating Glass Units (IGUs)
    • Basics of Storefronts and Entrances
    • Basics of Curtain Wall

Glossary of Glass and Glazing Terms

Consider enrolling new glaziers in an apprenticeship program 

NGA offers Glazier Apprentice Curriculum for organizations and companies that want to establish a glazier apprenticeship program approved by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Students who complete the curriculum will earn a jointly endorsed NGA/NCCER credential indicating a journeyman-level minimum competency reached through knowledge and performance. NGA is not an apprenticeship program provider or administrator.

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