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Print, digital and online coverage of the architectural glazing and residential fenestration industries

Subscriptions to NGA's two official print and digital magazines and weekly newsletters are free. Magazine content is available in multiple formats: print, digital (pdf) and online at the magazine websites. Newsletters are delivered weekly to your inbox. Together, the magazines cover the entire glazing and fenestration industry. Subscribe to one or both magazines and choose your delivery method. Readers can contribute news, product introductions, project news and more at the magazine websites. 

Glass Magazine, The glass and glazing authority

Glass Magazine

Glass Magazine delivers complete coverage of the architectural glass and metals industry. As NGA's official publication, Glass Magazine serves

  • primary glass manufacturers
  • glazing contractors
  • full-service glass companies 
  • fabricators
  • architects and more.

Published 8 times a year, Glass Magazine covers the entire supply chain in every issue, and includes

  • glass industry news 
  • insightful analysis of trends
  • market analysis
  • product introductions
  • best business practices
  • industry statistics
  • annual lists of top glass fabricators, glaziers, and metal companies
  • our Annual Glass Industry Sourcebook, the industry’s most complete directory and reference guide for suppliers.

Glass Magazine Weekly

The flat glass industry’s weekly source of news and information, Glass Magazine Weekly features the latest updates from industry companies, construction economic news, blogs from industry leaders, insights on market trends and more, delivered to your inbox. 

Window + Door, Residential fenestration coverage, from source to sale

Window + Door | The Manufacturing Issue

Covering the entire residential fenestration industry, from source to sale, Window + Door magazine is the official publication of NGA’s premier trade show, GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo.

Published 6 times a year, the magazine serves fenestration industry

  • manufacturers
  • distributors
  • dealers.

Window + Door offers our readers

  • focused news coverage 
  • insightful articles on market and design trends
  • columns on codes, legal issues and marketing  
  • product introductions
  • best business practices
  • industry statistics, including an annual industry forecast
  • expert articles on operations and technology
  • annual list of large North American residential window and door manufacturers
  • our annual Fenestration Buying Guide, the industry’s most complete directory and reference guide.

Window + Door Weekly

An electronic newsletter for window and door industry professionals, Window + Door Weekly provides manufacturers, distributors and dealers a thorough, convenient source for the latest industry news and insights on market, design, technology and economic trends.

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