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IYOG Spotlight on Bird-Friendly Glazing

The United Nations International Year of Glass (IYOG) 2022 celebrates the essential role glass has and will continue to have in society. As part of NGA's continued support and celebration of IYOG, we’re spotlighting the importance of bird-friendly glazing for bird conservation. Another way Glass Can Save the World--including birds! 

Importance of Birds 

Birds have a strong influence on the way we manage our environment, help control insect populations, and have a positive impact on our social and economic lives as they are great companions and contribute to a billion-dollar birdwatching industry. Glass that is visible to and avoided by birds is bird safe and bird friendly.

Download NGA’s Bird-Friendly Glazing Resources 

NGA Advocacy for Bird-Friendly Buildings 

NGA supports the implementation of bird-friendly design strategies such H.R.1986 - Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act of 2021 and S.791 Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act of 2021. NGA offers the Best Practice for Bird Friendly Glazing Design Guide, which can be referenced in bird-friendly glazing legislation.

Advocate for bird-friendly glazing in your own community by downloading NGA’s one-pager Saving Birds with Effective Glazing Solutions (pdf), and sharing it with local legislators or other parties.

Birds on the Brain 

Three fun ways to keep birds and bird conservancy top of mind. 

  1. The Cornell Lab developed the BirdNET Sound ID App to identify birds based on their songs. 
  2. Learn more about birds in your region by joining a bird-watching event near you
  3. Just for fun, we’ve compiled a playlist of songs with a bird theme