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IYOG Spotlight on Glass Recycling

The United Nations International Year of Glass (IYOG) 2022 celebrates the essential role of glass in society. Every month, we spotlight an aspect of the architectural glass industry to showcase how Glass Can Save the World and how we can Build the World with Glass.

In this blog, as part of NGA's continued support and celebration of IYOG, learn more about our part in a circular economy through glass recycling. 

Flat Glass Recycling

Increasing rates of recycling for flat glass offers benefits to companies, the industry and the environment. However, significant challenges remain, including education gaps about what can be recycled and how, disconnect between the glass and recycling industries, and a near complete lack of recycling of flat glass products that have reached their end of life in the field. 

Read the article from Glass Magazine

Looking for a Glass Recycling Company?

The interest in recycling architectural glass products is growing; however, information on companies offering recycling services is fragmented and difficult to find. The purpose of NGA Glass Technical Paper “Recyclability of Architectural Glass” is to identify glass recycling companies and the fabricated glass products that can be recycled and those that cannot. The GTP also provides examples of a variety of products that can be created from the use of recycled glass.

Download the GTP

Recycling Glass Mirrors

​Thanks to a proven long-time silvering process, mirrors are very durable and have an extended useful life. Reusability and recyclability of mirror products is recommended after breakage or damage. Reusability, similar to upcycling, takes waste and creates something new from it in its current state, whereas recyclability involves the destruction of waste in order to create something new. NGA Glass Technical Paper “The Reusability and Recyclability of Mirror Products" addresses the environmentally-conscious aspects of the mirror manufacturing process, as well as the reusability and recyclability of old mirrors.

Download the GTP

Video Presentations on Recycling

Learn more about recycling glass in Europe and North America in these videos of presentations from NGA Glass Conference: Long Beach in January.

The Need for Recycling to Enhance our Supply Chain
Recycled Glass…It’s Not Waste, It’s the Future

Get Involved

Ripple Glass provides free glass recycling for the Kansas City Area and Mid-America Region. Could a program like this work in your local area?

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