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Advocacy Q+A: The importance of glazing for school security

Safti First’s Diana San Diego shares her perspective to underline how the glass industry can be on the forefront of the school security issue. 

Diana San Diego
Diana San Diego

Diana San Diego, vice president of Safti First, and an upcoming attendee at NGA’s Glass & Glazing Advocacy Days May 14-15, shares her thoughts on how high-performance glazing creates school security, and why advocating for these products in the built environment is crucial.  


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  • School Security, Windows & Doors Respond First: we will tell officials that glass systems are an essential part of creating security for our children.  
  • Energy Efficiency/Sustainability, High-performance Glazing Promotes Building Resiliency: we will show how high-performance windows are the sustainable, cost-effective building material of choice. 
  • Bird-Friendly Glazing, Saving Birds with Effective Glass Solutions: we will educate officials on glass solutions that can significantly reduce bird collisions.  
  • Workforce Development, A Stronger Workforce for America: we will demonstrate that the glass and glazing industry is a viable and rewarding career path. 

NGA: What priorities will you be focused on at this upcoming NGA Advocacy Days, and why?  

Diana San Diego: I am most interested in school security and high-performance glazing.  I think these are areas where the industry makes a real, tangible positive impact on the built environment with advanced technology and glazing products.   

On a more personal note, I have a son now (he’s school-age) so the school security issue really hits home for me.  Unfortunately, I had an experience where the day care where my son was at had to enact a lockdown because there was an active shooter in the nearby campus.  I received that emergency alert while I was at the airport (about to go on work travel), just an hour after I had dropped him off.  

I cannot even begin to explain the terror that I felt.  The wind was literally knocked right out of me and my knees turned to jelly.  Luckily, my husband was nearby and the day care kept us informed and nothing bad happened.   

Regarding high-performance glazing, I’d also like to know that I’ve done what I can to leave a better, healthier planet for him.   

NGA: Regarding school security, why is now an important time to advocate for this on behalf of the building industry? How can the building industry best make the case for school security?  

Diana San Diego: Advocacy is all about affecting change – and change for the better at that.   

School security was a pressing issue then, a pressing issue now, and will continue to be one.  While there is no one solution to tackle this issue, I think it’s still worthwhile for the glass industry to make contributions where it can.   

Having high-performance glazing that can prevent or delay a violent intruder to buy crucial time for first responders to arrive and for the school to implement emergency protocols in an active shooter event saves lives.   

At the same time, glass provides additional benefits such as natural light, a feeling of openness, visual connection to the outdoors, and other attributes that make these educational facilities inviting and conducive to learning and social interaction.   

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