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Live Webinar: The Power of Protective Glass and Glazing

August 30, 2023

Protective Glass and Glazing webinar, August 30 at 2:00 pm ET.

Presented as part of NGA's Glass & Glazing Design Academy curriculum with Architectural Record. 

The Power of Protective Glass and Glazing

In an era where security is of paramount importance, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants within public buildings has become a top priority. Join us for an informative and interactive webinar as we delve into the fascinating world of protective glass and glazing in building design. 

This webinar will focus on the vital role that advanced glass and glazing systems play in safeguarding schools, hospitals, banks, movie theaters, and other vulnerable establishments against threats like active shooters and forced entry incidents. We will explore the cutting-edge technologies, design strategies, and installation techniques that can fortify the physical security of these environments, offering valuable insights to architects, security professionals, and building owners alike. Additionally, our experts will discuss the critical role of the new ASTM standard F3561, which aims to test and rate forced-entrance resistance of fenestration systems after sustaining an active shooter assault.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the potential threats faced by public buildings, including active shooter scenarios and force entry attempts, through real-world case studies, in order to understand the important role of protective glass and glazing systems in building design. 
  • Evaluate the capabilities and benefits of protective glass and glazing solutions, including their effectiveness in mitigating the impact of ballistic attacks, enhancing blast resistance, and discouraging forced entry attempts. Compare and select the most appropriate protective glass and glazing options for specific building types and security needs.
  • Examine the details of ASTM Standard F3561, including testing methods, criteria, and certification process, to ensure compliance with industry standards when evaluating the performance of security glass and glazing materials.
  • Assess the key factors involved in incorporating protective glass and glazing systems into building designs, such as striking a balance between security requirements, sustainability goals and aesthetic considerations, as well as integrating other security measures.



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Julia Schimmelpenningh
Eastman Chemical Co.
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Darrell Smith
International Window Film Assn.
Thom Zaremba
Thomas Zaremba
Roetzel & Andress
NGA Code Consultant
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Urmilla Sowell
NGA Vice President
Advocacy & Technical Services