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Thirsty Thursday: AI & Automation Unleashed

May 23, 2024
Business Insights at Thirsty Thursday

This dynamic webinar showcases the simple ways you can implement AI and automation. Unveiling its immense potential to reshape our world, enhance decision-making, and optimize operations. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a business leader, or an intrigued novice, you'll find valuable insights on how AI can revolutionize different facets of our lives and open new growth avenues.

Beyond just understanding AI, this session offers an actionable three-step plan to start integrating AI into your personal and professional life. The future is here - it's time to not just witness, but actively participate in this AI-driven era. Attendees will leave this session with a sound understanding of AI and a concrete plan to leverage its power effectively.

Stefanie Couch, speaker, pops in pink

Stefanie Couch
Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur
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