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How to Reopen the Workplace: Part 4, Reimagining Jobsite Safety

Construction hard hats and masks

The recent webinar from the American Subcontractors Association, “ASA COVID-19 Response: Reopening The Worksite Attorneys' Council Panel,” included insights from Charles Keller, partner at Snell & Wilmer LLP, regarding the administrative and engineering steps that subcontractors can take to ensure safety and liability protection as they reopen the workplace and jobsite. 

In offering jobsite safety suggestions, Keller highlighted the importance of establishing a workplace coordinator, a dedicated employee for compliance with COVID-19 safety measures. He or she might do a variety of things to help meet the new safety standards, including documenting the proper sanitation of facilities, ensuring information is clearly posted for employees, enforcing the use of PPE, and organizing jobsite visitors.

The following preparation checklist for reopening jobsites is based on Keller’s insights.

Checklist for reopening jobsites


  • Erect sanitation stations for handwashing
  • Make hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available
  • Re-clean equipment that’s been used―make disposable disinfectant available to clean if sharing equipment is required
  • Limit vehicle and equipment sharing as much as possible

Social distancing

  • Maintain social distancing, including during toolbox meetings, and "stretch and flex" times
  • Rearrange/remove chairs and tables on the jobsite to comply with social distancing and max capacity limits (for example, in the lunch area and in the trailer)
  • Post signage with max capacity limits in relevant areas
  • Encourage employees to limit movements within the jobsite as much as possible―consider having employees complete a questionnaire about their movements on the jobsite, for contact tracing purposes
  • Discontinue common water containers; make individual water bottles available


  • Complete a hazard assessment to determine what kind of PPE is needed
  • Review PPE requirements from city, county and state agencies to determine compliance
  • Provide gloves for employees in high-touch areas, or for those sharing tools/equipment
  • Clean face-covers daily
  • Dispose of PPE properly

Deliveries and visitors

  • Segregate the delivery area from the rest of the jobsite
  • Disinfect deliveries
  • Create specific hours/schedules for deliveries, to limit the presence of visitors/inspectors
  • Ensure the wellness of those entering the jobsite, either workers or visitors, for example by temperature check

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