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AK Glazing Contractors

Company Overview

AK Glazing team
AK Glazing Contractors team
AK Glazing team on the jobsite
Ashley Klein and team on the jobsite

Leadership: Ashley Klein, president

Website | LinkedIn

Location: South Florida

Years in business: 2013 to Present (8 years)

Company motto: Quality Over Quantity

Q&A with Ashley Klein

What products and services does AK Glazing provide?
We provide installation of curtain wall, window wall, fixed and operating windows, sliding glass doors, storefront, dividers, glass railing, custom aluminum and glass products and services.

What are your keys to success?

  • Treat every job and project as if it’s your only job
  • Do not do something wrong you know is wrong
  • Do not pay for a job with another job
  • Measure twice, cut once 

What is a big accomplishment or project your company has completed?

AK Glazing is proud of our work on numerous projects. Here are just a few.

AK Glazing Projects

  • Panorama Tower (86 stories): 425,000 square feet of high-impact fixed and operable windows, sliding glass doors, storefront, stick-built curtain wall, glass dividers, and glass railing.
  • Icon Las Olas (43 stories): 220,000 square feet of high-impact laminated window wall, sliding glass doors, fixed and single hung windows. 20,000 square feet of sloped, radial, stick-built curtain wall.
  • 545 Wyn (10 story): 125,000 square feet of high-impact unitized insulated laminated impact curtain wall (window wall, wing wall, curtain wall corner transition).  25,000 square feet of unitized alucobond panels.
  • Elysée Miami (58 stories): 200,000 square feet of high-impact laminated window wall, sliding glass doors, glass railing, and glass dividers. First Miami-Dade County approved sliding glass door with an NOA at 12’6”.
  • Hyde Beach House (43 stories): 120,000 square feet of high-impact window wall, sliding glass doors, curtain wall store front, automatic entrances, and the first ADA-approved high-impact sliding glass door system in the State of Florida.
  • Westin Hotel, Nashville, TN (28 stories): 180,000 square feet of laminated insulated impact window wall, curtain wall, and storefront.
  • Downtown 5th (two twin 53-story towers): high-impact sliding glass doors, window wall, fixed and operable windows, storefront, and glass railing systems.

AK Glazing Contractors Project Gallery

See more AK Glazing project photos.

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