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Complete Equipment Rentals

Company Overview

Complete Equipment Rentals

Leadership: Steven Streicher, president


Location: 1360 Ocean Ave, Lakewood, New Jersey 

Years in business: 5

Company philosophy: Our goal is to be the glazing equipment rental specialist offering a “complete rental solution” for glazing contractors.

Q&A with Steven Streicher

What products & services does your company offer?
Complete Equipment Rentals provides a wide array of glazing equipment and lift rental solutions throughout the New York and New Jersey regions. We have earned a reputation within the construction industry as one of the best equipment rental companies in the Tri-state area.

What are your company's keys to success?

  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Top notch customer service
  • Well maintained equipment
  • Quick turnaround & availability

What is a big glass project or accomplishment for your company?
We supplied the equipment for remodeling a portion of The Crown Building in New York City.

Complete Equipment Project Gallery

Project locations shown below include Rockefeller Plaza, Pier 17, and Domino Park in New York City.

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