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Eastman Machine Company

Company Overview

Leadership: Robert L. Stevenson, president & CEO; Wade Stevenson, export president; Trevor Stevenson, vice president



  • Headquarters: Buffalo, New York - includes manufacturing, sales, engineering, technical & customer service
  • Eastman Ningbo: factory established in 2004 to manufacture various garment cutting and tailoring machines
  • Eastman Hong Kong: offers the full spectrum of Eastman’s manual and automated cutting systems throughout Southeast Asia with established customers in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam and the region
  • Liaison Offices: India & Bangladesh - established to bring local sales, service and support to Eastman’s growing client base in the Southern Asia region
  • Independent sales representative and support offices situated globally in dozens of countries

Years in business: Going on 133 years (established in the state of New York in 1888).

Q&A with Robert Stevenson

Can you describe the products and services offered by Eastman Machine Company? 
Eastman is committed to manufacturing industrial solutions proven to be simpler to operate, less expensive to maintain and customized specific to cutting and handling interlayer films. Automated cutting of laminated glass interlayer saves time while minimizing labor, human error, and material waste.

What is the company's mission?
The mission of the Eastman Machine Company is to improve our customers’ cutting room efficiencies by providing durable well-crafted cutting solutions, personalized support, and expertise.

What are Eastman Machine Company's keys to success?

  • Listen to your customers
  • Adapt and react quickly
  • Communicate with your team and customers
  • Respond and follow up with your customers

How has your company adapted to the COVID pandemic? 
Covid-19 is not the first crisis Eastman Machine Company has experienced and survived, including World War I, the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, the Great Depression and World War II. As a small-cap manufacturer, Eastman was able to quickly focus resources to support current customers as they shifted from composites, or other market, production units into machines that could be used to cut PPE essentials. Covid proved our adaptability. We realized how quickly we can maneuver during hardship and it gave us a lot of confidence to move forward. I know the business will survive and we will continue to be there for our customers.

Can you describe a big glass project or accomplishment for your company?
Eastman Machine Company proudly works in tandem with some of the largest U.S. facilities processing laminated glass interlayers for architectural, automotive and safety applications. The demands from these industries push Eastman to continuously expand our offering and machine capabilities.

Eastman Machine Company staff
Eastman Machine Company Staff

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