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Oz Machine USA

The company's keys to success, according to Managing Director Adil Sasmaz, include seeking non-stop improvements and creating innovative products, treating customers as lifelong partners, and having a great team with the synergy to be part of the solution.


Alid Samsaz - Oz Machine USA
Adil Sasmaz, managing director

Leadership: Adil Sasmaz, managing director


Location: 2690 W 3rd Court, Hialeah, Florida
(headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey)

Years in business: 40 (since 1980)

Company motto: Boost Your Productivity, Boost Your Business

Q&A with Adil Sasmaz

What products & services does Oz Machine USA offer? 
We offer machinery for aluminum and vinyl doors and windows, curtainwall, storefront, and all other industrial applications.

What are your company's keys to success?

  • Non-stop improvements and creating innovative products for our customers;
  • Believing that our customers are lifelong partners, and closing a deal is just the beginning of this journey;
  • Giving the fastest response and the best service for our customers—losing time means loss of source;
  • Having a great team and keeping the synergy to be part of the solution all of the time.

How has your company adapted to the COVID pandemic?
With the travel restrictions and quarantine, it was hard to make in-person visits, so we moved most of the installation and training procedures to online and used remote connections or video conferences to provide the best service for our customers.

What is a big glass project or accomplishment for your company?
By 2018, we implemented Fanuc automation for all of our CNC (computer numeric control) solutions, a top automation provider around the world that creates great machines when installed on our high-quality solutions.

Oz Machine All Staff photo
Oz Machine USA team

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