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Wind River Glass

Company Overview

Wind River Glass, located in Wyoming, is a full-service glass, window, and door company that works in glass replacement for existing units, repairs, and installation of all types of new and existing windows and doors.

Chris Rodkey, Wind River Glass
Chris Rodkey, Wind River Glass

Leadership: Chris Rodkey, owner



Location: 632 Horse Creek Rd, Dubois, Wyoming

Years in business: Current entity, 2 years;  Total in the trade, 7 years

Company philosophy: Say what you're going to do, then do what you say.

Q&A with Chris Rodkey

What products and services does Wind River Glass offer? 

We are a full service glass, window, and door company that works primarily in glass replacement in existing units, but also repairs and installs of all types of new and existing windows and doors. We also do historic repair and replacement to maintain the original look of older and historic registry buildings.

We have the skill and tooling to do extensive repairs and glass-only replacement work, which allows our customers to extend the life of their otherwise serviceable windows & doors, avoiding long current lead times for new units.

Our projects include: 

  • Replacement of broken or failed single and double pane glass
  • Repairing and refurbishing of windows and doors as well as associated hardware
  • Repairing of window and door screens
  • Cutting and supplying glass to size for homeowners who do their own work  

What are your company's keys to success?

  • Ask the right questions to better understand the customer's wants and needs  
  • Help the customer understand the root cause of any failures and work with them on a full solution
  • Give the customer options - repair, replace, etc.
  • Show up on time and do what you said you were going to do  

What is a big project or accomplishment for your company? 
We are particularly proud of our work to add modern windows that fit well on historic cabins, and to repair 100-year-old sashes that extend their life even further.

Wind River Glass Gallery

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