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NEW Member Resource: Codes & Standards Help Center

New in 2021, our technical services team has compiled answers to tough technical codes and standards questions in an easy-to-use, online help center, made exclusively for NGA members. The NGA Codes & Standards Help Center has detailed answers to questions relating to safety glazing, energy, glass inspection, bird-friendly glazing and fire-rated glazing. Members can also submit a new question.

Codes & Standards Help Center

Have tough questions about the latest codes & standards for glass and glazing building products? NGA Members have access to the answers! If you're a member, log in and find detailed answers and direct links to resources. Not a member? Join today for access to this and many other members-only resources from the NGA.

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More Members-Only Resources

Through our events, publications and resources, we create value for our members and the industry to grow more successful companies. See additional resources below, available through NGA membership. 

OSHA's Rule on Respirable Crystalline Silica   

ASA document on OSHA’s final rule requires a limit on worker exposure to silica

Subcontract Documents Suite 2017    

ASA document on bid proposal, wrap-up insurance conditions, addendum, and more

Subcontractor Negotiating Tips: A Compilation (2020)   

ASA document on helpful tips to navigate and negotiate subcontract language

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5 Tips to Help You Prevent & Cope with Workplace Suicide 

Suicide is at a 50-year high with 44,000 Americans dying by suicide every year.

Accountability Towards Safety 

How to value safe work practices and safety programs in a positive, proactive way

Arc Flash Explosion 

US Department of Labor estimates 5-10 arc flash explosions occur on the job every day in the US

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Management, commitment and worker involvement are essential to an effective emergency action plan

Battery Handling Safety 

Before working with a battery, you should have training in proper handling procedures.

Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) 

Exposure to bloodborne pathogens may occur in many ways.

Caught or Crushed Injuries 

Workers in field, industrial and office settings are all affected by caught or crush hazards.

Chemical Inventory Lists 

Employers are required to make a chemical inventory list of hazardous chemicals in the workplace

Common Workplace Injuries 

Injuries in the workplace nationwide number approximately three million every year

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety 

Compressed gas cylinders are often used to store chemicals for industrial purposes.

Don't Take Back Problems Sitting Down 

Why do so many of us have back problems today? Low back pain is a warning that something is wrong.

Eye Protection 

Every day an estimated 1,000 eye injuries occur in American workplaces.


Fatigue is associated with higher injury and accident rates within the workplace.

First Aid Basics for Common Workplace Injuries 

Having some basic first aid skills is an essential part of workplace safety.

Good Housekeeping 

Good Housekeeping helps ensure a safer, healthier workplace

Hazardous Chemical Spills 

Hazardous Chemicals and How to Clean Up a Spill

Improving Workplace Security in the Age of Terrorism 

Terror attacks in the news may have you feeling confused and vulnerable.

Loading Dock Safety 

A loading dock can be a potentially dangerous place for anyone that works on or around the area.

Lockout Tagout 

Lockout/Tagout steps for compliance and safety

OSHA Top Ten Violations of 2019 

OSHA 2019 Top Ten Cited Violations

Sharp and Cutting Tool Safety 

Sharp and cutting tools can cause cuts and puncture wounds if not handled properly.

Warehouse Safety: Racks and Shelving 

The most common hazard with racking systems is the risk of collapse.

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All About SBA Loans   

Presented by financial expert Marco Terry, managing director of Commercial Capital LLC 

Business Plan Essentials    

Presented by business growth strategist Madeleine MacRae of MM MacRae Coaching and Consulting

Employee Elements of COVID-19    

Presented by Megan McDonald and Joe Brklacich of FenSource Recruiting

Legal Keys to COVID-19    

Presented by Brian K. Carroll of Sanderford & Carroll, P.C.

Sales & Marketing Tips    

Presented by business growth strategist Madeleine MacRae of MM MacRae Coaching and Consulting

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