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Find New Information on Mirror Products in Glass Technical Papers

Two NGA Glass Technical Papers (GTP) related to mirror products have undergone review and update, and are now available for download in the NGA Store. 

Reusability and Recyclability of Mirror Products

This GTP (formerly Green Aspects of Mirror) updates the document last published in 2012. As the mirror industry strives to become more environmentally friendly, the need to recycle or reuse old mirrors is becoming an important topic. This document addresses the environmentally-conscious aspects of the mirror manufacturing process, as well as the reusability and recyclability of old mirrors.

Download the GTP from the NGA Store

Installation Techniques Designed to Prolong the Life of Flat Glass Mirrors

This GTP updates the GTP last published in 2011. This document provides important installation recommendations to help maintain the integrity of a mirror’s silver film, which creates its reflective surface. Although protected by paint, the silver film remains vulnerable to deterioration if exposed to chemicals or excessive moisture. Adherence to a selection of dos and don’ts will help protect the silver from corrosion and prolong the life of the mirror.

Download the GTP from the NGA Store