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NGA Promotes Weather Safety Awareness

Get NGA downloadable resources to support the use of glass and glazing materials in buildings.

NGA recognizes that June is the unofficial beginning of hurricane season, which runs through November. In the past three years, the number of named storms has risen from 15 to 30, and above-normal activity is predicted again in 2021.

Here is a selection of our resources that support the use of glass and glazing materials in buildings. Glass provides varying levels of safety from windborne debris and impact based on the requirements of the geographic region, while offering the biophilic benefits of daylight and view to the occupant. The following are available for download or purchase in the NGA Store.

Downloadable Resources

Laminated Glazing Reference Manual
Glazing Manual
Protective Glazing Manual
Glass and Metals 401: Protective Glazing
Hurricane Product Substitution
Design Consideration for Laminated Glazing Applications

In other areas of the country, national disasters such as tornadoes typically occur during this season. In addition to the resources provided above, NGA has the Tornado Resistant Glazing: Standards and Performance Requirements glass technical paper available for download in the NGA Store.