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NGA Reports Advocacy Win in CA

NGA’s Advocacy and Forming Committees were successful in their recommendations to the California Department of General Services (DGS) to set the maximum acceptable global warming potential (GWP) limit for flat glass and other materials covered under CA AB262.

On January 1, the GWP limit was set by the California DGS at 1.72E+03 kg CO2-eq for flat glass. This limit matches the request made by NGA’s Advocacy and Forming Committees for 20% above the industry-wide flat glass GWP.

The established limit ensures that all North American flat glass manufacturers have the opportunity to supply glass products to government works projects in California.

“This is a win for flat glass manufacturers and their public works customers in California,” said Urmilla Sowell, NGA technical services and advocacy director. “We are grateful to NGA’s Advocacy and Forming Committees for their work on this issue, and to Advocacy Committee Chair Paul Bush for his leadership on this topic.”

“We will continue to advance sustainability through energy-efficient and environmentally advanced glass and fenestration products,” said Paul Bush, Vice President, Technical Services & Government Affairs for Vitro Architectural Glass. “Throughout 2021 and beyond, we intend to advocate for new opportunities for glass and the glass industry to enable the Biden-Harris Administration’s renewed focus on protecting public health and the environment.”  

See NGA’s Flat Glass Global Warming Potential advocacy one-pager to learn more.