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National Volunteer Week 2023 - NGA Celebrates Our Volunteers!

Volunteerism empowers YOU to find your niche. Take your interests and turn them into meaningful action.

Volunteer Week 2023

National Volunteer Week 2023, recognized April 16-22, is dedicated to celebrating the impact of volunteer service and the collective power of volunteers to tackle tough challenges and build a stronger, more resilient community.

This week, and all year long, NGA celebrates and thanks our many volunteers in the glazing and glass building products industry who offer their time, talent, support and voice to the initiatives of the organization.

View the photo album from the recent NGA Glass Conference: Miramar Beach 2023 and the BEC Conference 2023 recap video to see some of our NGA volunteers getting involved. Also, be sure to review the NGA Annual Report 2022 detailing the value created for our industry, with the help of our volunteer members.

See more #NVW activity on social: National Glass Association on LinkedIn, @GlassNation on Facebook and Twitter.


Our Advocacy & Technical Services team is always recruiting new volunteers for our committees. Join an active task group to be part of our work in glazing and glass building products.


Gin Benner, AGNORA

"The support as first timers [attending the NGA Glass Conference] was incredible and we appreciated what the other members and NGA staff did to make us feel welcome. I (we) have a huge passion for glass & the glazing industry, and it was fantastic to sit in a room with so many other people who share that same passion and a similar vision of progress and sustainability. In my previous life as GM of a fabrication & installation company, I utilized the resources of NGA such as and other tools on the site but never really put too much thought into how these tools were made available. We all look forward to assisting as we are able on the committees/task groups we have joined and being a part of this amazing community!" 

Cameron Scripture, Viracon 

"My boss, Garret Henson, introduced me to the BEC Conference Planning Task Group a few years ago and told me that it was a worthwhile group to be a part of and he was right.  I’ve enjoyed being involved in this task group for the past few years as it is made up of a great group of influential people in our industry who are also fun!


This task group has helped me develop and enhance relationships within the task group along with others outside of it whom we have recruited to take on speaker roles at the BEC Conference.  It has also allowed me to have a greater awareness of the entire BEC Conference and has also presented the opportunity to be involved as a presenter and a moderator, which has contributed to my professional development.


The BEC Conference is a highly attended and coveted event in our industry and it’s personally and professionally fulfilling to be able to have had a hand in helping organize this event. Overall, volunteering with this group has helped me stay better connected to our industry, the people within it, along with awareness to the key topics and challenges that we all face in the glass business on an ongoing basis."

Marc Deschamps, Walker Glass Co., Ltd. 

"The volunteer work I do at NGA is really important, first and foremost, to support our industry and the members. Efforts to create guides, bulletins, and other reference material, as well as advocacy work, are instrumental in making the association and the industry strong and cohesive. In an environment that’s more dynamic than ever, it’s really important to have a strong industry voice and representation.


On a personal level, it gives me an opportunity to contribute to these efforts, network with my peers, and stay abreast of the latest industry developments. Also, maintaining strong industry representation contributes to the core values of Walker Glass."

Aaron Thompson, Viracon

"The people in the glass industry are welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. People I have met are always willing to share their experiences to help you learn and grow professionally. I recognize the incredible value I have gained through the willingness to share knowledge and experiences as well as the relationships I’ve made. I volunteer because I want the glass industry to continue to be exceptional!"

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