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NGA’S 2022 Top 10 Most Downloaded Resources

Whether you’re looking for technical information, tools to build a better business, or market intelligence, NGA has the resources you need as a glazier, fabricator, or glass and metals supplier. The online NGA Store has 150 products for the industry and most are available for immediate download.

NGA Glossary of Architectural Glass and Glazing

NGA’s most downloaded/purchased products of the year are:

  1. Glossary of Architectural Glass & Glazing NEW IN 2022!
  2. GANA Glazing Manual – 50th Anniversary Edition
  3. Use of Laminated Glass in Glass Railing Systems (FB33-11)
  4. School Security Glazing (FB71-21)
  5. World of Glass Map: Global Float Plant Database
  6. GANA Sealant Manual
  7. Security Glazing (FB43-14)
  8. Design Considerations for Laminated Glazing Applications (FB04-03)
  9. Approximate Weight of Architectural Flat Glass (FM01-08)
  10. World of Glass Map: Architectural Glass Fabricator Database

The industry has access to more than 80 Glass Technical Papers (GTP) at no charge and NGA members save up to 50% off manuals.