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National Volunteer Week 2024 - NGA Celebrates Our Volunteers!

Open Volunteerism empowers YOU to find your niche. Take your interests and turn them into meaningful action.

Volunteer Week 2024 - NGA Thanks Our Many Volunteers!

April 21-27 is National Volunteer Week, dedicated to celebrating the impact of volunteer service and the collective power of volunteers to tackle tough challenges and build a stronger, more resilient community. The past year has been a glowing example of the professional and personal fulfillment that stems from unification in support of our partners and peers, and the ability to come together to elevate a cause.

This week, and all year long, we value and thank our many volunteers in the glazing and glass building products industry who offer their time, talent, support and voice to the initiatives of the organization.

View photos from the recent NGA Glass Conference: Isle of PalmsBEC Conference 2024, and Glass Processing Automation Days (GPAD), to see the involvement of some of our NGA volunteers. Also, be sure to review the NGA Annual Report 2023, detailing the value created with the help of our volunteer members, for our industry.

See more #NVW activity on social: National Glass Association on LinkedIn, @GlassNation on Facebook and X (Twitter).


Our Advocacy & Technical Services team is always recruiting new volunteers for our committees. Join an active task group to be part of our work in glazing and glass building products.


Kyle Sword | R&D Director at Pilkington North America

"They say, ‘if you want to fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.’ Collaboration through volunteerism is so important and something I’ve benefitted from both through my time as a member of the NGA Board of Directors and among six additional organizations I serve in Toledo.

When I volunteer, I’m driven by understanding the purpose and identifying how I can help make an impact. I was fortunate to have been selected by my company to represent both it and the flat glass industry on the NGA Board for the current term. I didn’t quite understand how NGA fit into the larger industry equation and what it influenced. Through my service to date, I now have a clear, broader perspective that has me eager and engaged in initiatives specifically related to building decarbonization and recyclability. It is greatly underestimated the value of sharing our collective voice surrounding issues such as these, with stakeholders, legislators, building owners, and more. NGA’s Glass & Glazing Advocacy Days has become an important event for this very reason.

Industries are small; our local communities can also be small. Oftentimes, you’ll find issues and pain points are similar. Competition and partnership can co-exist, helping everyone rise for the betterment of all. NGA’s task groups are a prime example of this dynamic happening every day. It’s a means to coalesce industry knowledge and elevate people’s ability to network, not to mention, it helps solidify the different players and roles across our industry."

Rick Locke | President at Windows, Doors & More

"I've valued my time as a volunteer for the National Glass Association. Serving on the Board includes participation at industry events, conferences and shows. I gain tremendous insights to our industry and my business segment in doing so.

I also find the interaction with industry colleagues both informative as well as fun. I have many friends directly associated with industry involvement and activities.

I've been involved with the glass and glazing industry since I was a high school student (1974). I've seen many changes to products, capabilities, and the introduction of incredible technologies to how we do business. It is fascinating to be a student of this industry, as well as to be given an opportunity to share my experience and perspectives.

I love the adage "When you're green you grow. When you're ripe you rot". Staying active and involved as a volunteer in the glass industry helps to keep me green and growing."

Lori Ann Benish | GM at Enclosures Unlimited Glass Co.

"Volunteering and being of service has always meant a lot of me. Whether it is personally with my 20+ years of working with Special Olympics or if it is professionally volunteering on the NGA Shower Door task group and participating in strategic planning, I like knowing that I am sharing my skills with others for the greater good.


The NGA especially has been a great volunteer opportunity to share my experience in the glass industry, both from my time in manufacturing and now in the installation side. Creating content to educate within the glass industry and as well to the direct consumer not only helps glass to be innovative but also appreciated for all that it can do within our communities.  Knowing that I am able help the industry grows and be prosperous into the future in very rewarding.


Volunteering can literally change the world, because each small act of giving whether it is of your time or resources adds up to make a lasting difference in people’s lives that can felt into the future."

Christina Elia | The Shower Door Guy!

"The opportunities to contribute are partially about volunteering while also moving the industry forward. I enjoy participating in different NGA initiatives and meeting other industry professionals across the country, and I'm happy NGA encourages me to have a seat at the table."

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