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Stanley Albert, Founder of S. Albert Glass, Passes Away

Stanley Myron Albert passed away on Friday, Feb. 16, at the age of 90. Stanley Albert was a longtime member of the glass industry, and founder of S. Albert Glass, a full-service glass company and contract glazier based in Beltsville, Maryland. The company is an NGA member company.


Stanley Albert, S. Albert Glass
Stanley Albert

Albert’s grandson, Steven Albert, third generation in the industry at S. Albert Glass says, “I was so lucky and grateful for all the time, special relationship and bond we shared. I knew and felt how much he loved me. I’ll miss the real S. Albert.”

“He was such an important part of our lives and through his love, kindness, caring and always wanting what is best for his family that we loved him,” states Stanley Albert’s son, Michael Albert, president of S. Albert and former NGA board member and two-term NGA board chair. “He would give the shirt off of his back for each of us and we loved him for knowing it, not because of it. In my 42 years in business with Dad and a lifetime of growing up around his friends, I never came across anyone that did not have anything but nice things to say about him. When I mentioned that he was my father, people would perk up, get a smile on their face and always say he was such a nice man. Our father created something that no one can ever take away from you, which is a Good Name. We will always wear the Albert Name proudly.”


In 1968, a pivotal year marked by both tragedy and opportunity, S. Albert Glass was born out of necessity and ingenuity. The company's inception is intertwined with the life of its founder, Stanley Albert, who faced a turning point following the sudden passing of his father, Simon Albert.

Simon Albert was a respected partner at a glass company in Washington, D.C., and was a prominent player in the glass industry. His unexpected demise due to a heart attack left a void not only in the family but also in the business. For Stanley Albert, this loss was more than personal; it was a professional crisis. His future now became uncertain, and the remaining partners at the glass company decided that Stanley Albert was no longer part of their plans.

Faced with this predicament, Stanley Albert contemplated a shift in his career path. He was on the brink of leaving the industry he knew so well, until his lawyer stepped in and advised him that his expertise and experience in glass were too valuable to abandon for an unfamiliar industry.

In an unforeseen turn of events, a riot erupted in Washington, D.C., just as S. Albert Glass was incorporated. With all the chaos, emergency calls flooded into Stanley's new venture, where he, alongside his wife and sister, began responding. Seizing this moment, they answered each call with "S. Albert Glass," laying the foundation for his new endeavor. 

Stanley Albert leveraged his extensive contacts, built during his early career, to rally support. He reached out to suppliers, imploring them to trust in his new business and provide the necessary resources to service clients in dire need of emergency glass services.

The response was overwhelming. Stanley Albert's reputation, combined with his persuasive appeal, convinced many suppliers to open their doors to this nascent enterprise. S. Albert Glass quickly became synonymous with reliability and resourcefulness, especially in times of crisis.

The company's origin story is not just about identifying and exploiting a market niche but also about resilience and the ability to turn a personal and professional setback into a thriving business. S. Albert Glass, born from a stroke of luck and a deep understanding of the industry, stands as a testament to Stanley Albert's entrepreneurial spirit and his unwavering commitment to his craft.

He is survived by his wife, Ellen Albert; children Michael (Fran) Albert, Nan (David) Bender; grandchildren Steven Albert, Sami Albert, Jake Bender, Ross (Hanna) Bender; and twin sister Barbara Sandler. He was predeceased by his parents, Ruth and Simon Albert. Albert was a native Washingtonian where he was a graduate of Theodore Roosevelt High School and attended the University of Maryland.

The family asks that in lieu of flowers, contributions in his memory can be made to the Suburban Hospital Nursing Care of Bethesda, Maryland, or the Adas Israel Congregation of Washington, D.C.

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