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NGA Announces New Engineering Standards Manual

The National Glass Association (NGA) is proud to announce the publication of its newly-updated Engineering Standards Manual. The manual replaces the previous 2008 edition.

The Engineering Standards Manual presents useful test procedures, performance requirements and specifications that will serve manufacturers and engineers in designing new and different products using heat-treated glass. In addition, information on heat resistance, strength and safety are included.

To maximize the performance of fully tempered glass, the manual also defines the physical tolerances, such as dimensions and contours, practical to various products.

Urmilla Sowell, NGA advocacy and technical director points out, "a key element to this manual is the table detailing minimum thickness guidelines for fully tempered glass in butt-glazed interior panels. Load values have been updated and additional glass sizes added to reflect the capabilities of today's products and the applications being requested."

NGA thanks the task group members who made this updated manual possible:

  • Jeff Nixon
  • Bob Brown
  • John Colapietro
  • Joel Feingold
  • Bernie Herron
  • Bill Long
  • Cliff Monroe
  • Kevin Olah
  • Michael Rupert
  • Joseph Ryan
  • Kris Vockler
  • Charles Wencl
  • Scott White

Special thanks also to these additional contributors:

  • Pete Anderson
  • Andreas Appel
  • Bart Bennett
  • Paul Bush
  • Jim Carroll
  • Mark Cody
  • Henry Gorry
  • Chris Mammen
  • Tim McGee
  • Tom Noe
  • Steve O’Hollaren
  • Doug Penn
  • Nathalie Thibault
  • Aaron Thompson
  • William White, III
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