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What Does the New Decade Hold for the Glass and Glazing Industry?

Annual Conference 2020

NGA asked its Annual Conference 2020 attendees what we as an industry need to pay attention to in this new decade.

Here are some of the insights:   

  • The industry needs to continue progress on energy-saving advantages of glass, including triple glazing. 

  • We need to stay vigilant on development of energy efficiency codes, environmental laws and sustainability.  

  • The glazing industry needs to work to make smart glass and energy efficient glass more affordable and educate architect and building owners on their benefits. 

  • We should focus on how to best communicate between the different trades and streamline product selection. 

  • We must tackle environmental issues such as bird safety and recycling of glass and glazing products.  

  • We need to ensure window to wall ratios are protected and promote the benefits of glass in the building envelope.  

  • We must advocate for utilizing glass in building facades as well as interiors. 

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