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The Magic of Industry Events

In an age of digital communication, one might think that face-to-face interactions have lost their luster. However, industry events like GlassBuild prove otherwise. They remain a potent tool for businesses to showcase their prowess, forge new relationships, learn from industry veterans, and stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

September 25, 2023

Why Investing in Automation Means Investing in Your People

The right people can make all the difference in successfully implementing or expanding automation in your manufacturing facility.

Recruiting and Retaining Gen Z

As companies nationwide continue to struggle with finding skilled labor, it is more important than ever to recruit and retain young professionals, which now includes Gen Z.

An Underground History of Glass

Katy Devlin takes a kayak tour through a now-flooded former silica sand mine that provided the raw materials for the flat glass plant that sat atop it.

How is Energy Performance in Windows Measured?

NFRC’s standardized physical tests and simulation methods provide specific fenestration performance information.

Balanced Contrasts

When choosing a finish that frames vistas, color often is the first consideration. To ensure a lasting, positive impression without a lot of maintenance, selecting a high-performance finish matters.

Review, Awards, Indexes and More

Kicking it off this week a review of the latest Glass Magazine. Really strong edition led by the ultra-prestigious Glass Magazine Awards. Congrats to all the winners there and note at GlassBuild they’ll honored in person. Very cool!  

By Max Perilstein | September 19, 2023

The Potential Impact of AI on Flat Glass, Window, and Door Fabricators

Artificial intelligence is on everyone's minds. How will it impact the flat glass industries? Here's a few ways it can improve and streamline your business.

By Chris Kammer | September 18, 2023

Be on Guard & Stay Informed

One of the most talked about parts of my post from last week was the video I posted from CNBC talking about banks being winners/losers during the growing volatility out there. So this week when I saw this blurb on the excellent newsletter “The Scroll” I knew I had to share.

By Max Perilstein | September 11, 2023

Podcast Trio of Justice

The latest edition of the From the Fabricator podcast is now up and we’ve got three folks coming from three different directions. Good stuff on all.

By Max Perilstein | September 04, 2023