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How to Internet in and Around Industry Events | Part 2

Next steps, at the show and best practices for social media. Whether you’re going to GlassBuild (and you should be), or another trade show, take my hand to explore the interwebs and find ways to make it rain as both attendee and exhibitor on the magical mystery tour of social media!  

By Andrew Haring | February 16, 2024

How to Internet in and Around Industry Events | Part 1

The pre-game and preps. Whether it’s to make your GlassBuild, or other trade show, more successful, take my hand to explore the interwebs. We’ll find ways to make it rain as both attendee and exhibitor on the magical mystery tour of social media!  

By Andrew Haring | February 16, 2024

Bringing Citizen Science to the Built Environment

Buildings and the activity within them account for over one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions. While high performance systems will be needed to combat climate change, processes derived from "citizen science" can allow occupants to respond in real time to fenestration failures, resulting in quick replacements as well as a database of data that designers can use for future innovation.

By Alexandra Blakeslee | February 16, 2024

Shattering Conventions: William Hazel

Despite facing many challenges, William Hazel became a stained glass artist, and architect, of extraordinary talent. 

By Tara Lukasik | February 15, 2024

Conferences, Sales, Boards & More

The latest edition of the NGA Glass Conference wrapped up this past week in South Carolina and I am always amazed at how much gets done at those things. Not being close to a technical stalwart, I tend to review these events from afar, leaving the technical superstars from our industry to do their thing. This outing covered the gambit of items including codes and guidelines, but deeper dives into school security, which hopefully takes another step forward here soon. This moving into the code realm has to be done right!

By Max Perilstein | February 12, 2024

Forecast and Other Insights

The newest episode of the From the Fabricator podcast is now up! This time out we’ve got two making their return to the airwaves with great insight and info. Kicking it off for the third year in a row, a forecast session with Nick St. Denis of KMR.  

By Max Perilstein | February 05, 2024

Preparing for Growth: Why Glass Fabricators Should Automate the Coating Process

As the single-family market is poised to return in 2024, glass fabricators will find themselves at the forefront of meeting the growing demand for high-quality, innovative solutions in the shower door market. From glass cutting and edge polishing to glass tempering and protective glass coatings, the significance of machine automation cannot be overstated. Labor issues continue to be felt around the industry, effects of inflation are still being seen, and faster lead times are becoming more and more imperative.

NGA Codes Report: 7 Need-to-Know Updates

NGA code experts Urmilla Sowell and Tom Culp gave a comprehensive rundown of developing codes and standards in North America. The session, originally presented at the 2023 GlassBuild Main Stage, gave updates and insights on Energy Star 7.0, bird-friendly glass, energy efficiency and EPD production, heat treatment and edge grinding, and much more.

January 30, 2024

Tenured Celebrations

The labor challenge likely will continue for years to come, but once we get people truly invested in this industry and what we do, they’re our greatest spokespeople. 

Investments Abound. Labor Rears its Ugly Head.

The past five years have been a wild ride. Extreme demand, both waxing and waning, rocked the industry. Supply chain complications strained companies as they raced to acquire enough materials in a timely manner, for which they often paid premium prices. Labor shortages continue to challenge companies. And yet, we persevere.