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Manufacturers Plan to Expand Despite Some Headwinds

Supply chain challenges eased significantly, while labor, inflation and rising costs put more strain on companies. Despite headwinds, the industry continues to invest in itself, grow and innovate.

Houston Rocks

The great state of Texas never disappoints and that was the case again this past week when I had the honor of speaking at the Houston Area Glass Association (HAGA) luncheon. Just a tremendous group of people that are so engaged in our space and future. Among the highlights for me was HAGA awarding four scholarships to college and trade school applicants.

By Max Perilstein | June 05, 2023

How and Why Sunshades Can Make Your Project Attractive to a GC

While sunshades used to be considered mostly decorative, they have evolved and are recognized as a critical part of a glass and metal system, with respect to energy performance and design. Here's a review of trends to know and understand in sunshades right now.

Latest Podcast Episode and More

The latest From the Fabricator podcast is out and I have to say it is a very powerful episode. The insights shared this month are top notch, especially from a technical side of things and there were lots of lessons learned. Leading off is Anas Al Kassas of INOVUES. Interesting guy with a company positioned to do some amazing things in the growing retrofit space. Then on to Eliot Benor of Building Envelope Testing.

By Max Perilstein | May 30, 2023

4 Tips For Staying Safe in Extreme Heat

With summer in full swing, extreme heat is sweeping across the nation. High temperatures can be harmful, and at times potentially lethal, for those who work in the field, like installers. There are ways that those who work outside can keep themselves safe during these warmer months.

By Rachel Vitello | May 24, 2023

Select the Right Spacer System for Your Business

Warm-edge spacers can be part of a system to achieve higher performance targets.

The Importance of Making an Entrance

Commercial entrance systems present an opportunity to enhance a building’s aesthetic and energy-saving properties when the design and installation is carefully considered. Those selecting systems should consider thermal performance, the best aesthetics for the amount of foot traffic, and ensuring the right kind of drainage.

What's Next?

Kawneer is one of those legacy brands in our space, so when their parent company was sold recently it did send some waves through the industry. There had been a ton of talk of Kawneer itself being sold last year, but that got pulled back. What happens next?   

By Max Perilstein | May 22, 2023

2023 Glass TEXpo Review

Another strong showing from the folks in Texas for this years edition of Glass TEXpo. The hospitality is always top notch and it’s a tremendous opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Before I get into the “seen at the show” section, I did want to follow up on my note from last week. My goal at the show was to take the temperature and see what this region is feeling work wise. I did that and it was an interesting study.

By Max Perilstein | May 15, 2023

6 Coating Considerations for Coastal Communities

Select the right finish for aluminum windows and doors.