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Glass in Architecture: NGA Provides Resources to Architects

May 18, 2020

AIA mistape

To help raise awareness on the uses of glass in architecture, NGA sent a special message to architects last week in lieu of the opportunity to meet face-to-face at the canceled AIA Conference on Architecture that was slated to take place in Los Angeles.

The message pointed architects to a compilation of educational resources on glass—dubbed as the Architect’s Glass Mixtape –to further their knowledge on what types of glass applications and features can be incorporated into their next design project. 

The resources for architects are as follows:  

  • The "For Architects" tab at the bottom of this page provides access to technical papers compiled for specifically for architects.
  • Architects can take up to 9 hours of AIA LU/HSW credits and 1 hour of AIA LU/Elective credit at NGA's Glass & Glazing Design Academy with Architectural Record. 
  • The NGA Glass Conference, an interactive online event taking place June 28-30, will feature several AIA-accredited sessions on topics such as safety glazing and bird-friendly glazing.
  • NGA's official publication, Glass Magazine, has several informative articles and reports of interest to architects on glass technologies and capabilities: 

     -  Introductory Guide to Glass and Glazing 
     -  Guide to Specifications 
     -  Guide to the Interior 
     -  Guide to Protective Glazing 
     -  Guide to Glass Performance Solutions 
     -  Guide to Complex Facades 
     -  Glass & Metals Complete Series (101-501): a Guide for Architects and Suppliers 
     -  Heavy Glass Doors