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NGA Welcomes California Glass Association as Affiliated Chapter

NGA Supports and Encourages Participation in Regional Glass Industry Associations

California Glass Association

NGA is pleased to welcome the California Glass Association (CGA) as an NGA-affiliated Chapter. NGA’s Chapter Affiliation Program reflects NGA’s commitment to support and encourage participation in regional glass industry associations through promotional support, access to NGA benefits for Chapter members, and mutual engagement in chapter and NGA activities and events.

“The new California Glass Association has the opportunity to play an important role in supporting the state's glass and glazing industry, and the CGA Board of Directors is leading with dedication and new ideas," says NGA President and CEO Nicole Harris. “I’m pleased to welcome CGA as an NGA-affiliated Chapter and look forward to collaborating in the months and years ahead.”

“Many of us remember the California Glass Association in its hay-day along with its many chapter associations within California, says Kristie Rehberger, CGA President. “I recall attending a few San Diego Chapter Association meetings myself. We are so honored and excited to re-establish the California Glass Association with the support of the NGA. It is time for California’s glazing industry to come together, face issues head on, and make the industry better and more educated.”

Learn more about the NGA Affiliated Chapter program. 

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