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Photo Gallery: NGA Reflects on its IYOG 2022 Activities

interior of Opening Ceremony building in Switzerland
IYOG 2022 Opening Ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland.

Learn more about the highlights of IYOG at NGA, including:

  • launching a dedicated webpage for
  • participating in the Opening Ceremony at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland
  • hosting BEC Conference, Bridge Day and GPAD in Nashville, TN
  • hosting the association’s first Glass & Glazing Advocacy Day in Washington, DC,
  • publishing the NGA Glass & Glazing Glossary, a new digital resource, free for NGA Members as a gift for IYOG
  • what’s next for IYOG 2022.



NGA IYOG 2022 Activities 

  • Launched a dedicated webpage with visual timeline history of architectural glass, event calendar and special resources. 

  • Published a news release announcing IYOG. 

  • Announced IYOG sponsors: Dow, Eastman, Guardian Glass, Kuraray, Mappi, Pilkington, Tristar and Vitro.  

  • Developed IYOG branding and taglines: Build the World with Glass & Glass Can Save the World, with logos for members and badge ribbons for conference attendees. 

  • Hosted NGA Glass Conference: Long Beach with feature presentations incorporating our theme: Glass Can Save the World. Read a recap of NGA Glass Conference: Long Beach.  

  • The global yearlong celebration of glass began with an Opening Ceremony at the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, Feb. 9-11, 2022. Read about the event.   
  • NGA participated as an event sponsor with banner and ad in the program book of the Opening Ceremony. Urmilla Sowell served as the architectural representative of the North American Steering Committee.      

  • The Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference drew an at-capacity crowd of nearly 650. Glass industry leaders from 40 states, four Canadian provinces as well as Europe gathered for two days of glazier-focused education. Read a recap of BEC Conference.  
  • Glass Processing Automation Days (GPAD), an event for glass fabricators drew more than 160 attendees. Read a recap of GPAD.  
  • The BEC Conference and GPAD attendees also joined together for a special Bridging the Supply Chain crossover educational and networking event on March 29, which included discussion of three emerging glass technologies. Read a recap of Bridging the Supply Chain.  

  • Industry leaders from National Glass Association (NGA) member companies, Congressional members and agency officials convened in Washington, DC on April 4-5, 2022, for the association’s first Glass & Glazing Advocacy Day featuring meetings face-to-face with legislative leaders from all over the United States. Policy priorities important to the architectural glass and glazing industry were at the forefront of the meeting—high-performance glazing and building resiliency, bird-friendly glazing, recycling and the circular economy, school security, and registered apprenticeship programs. Read more about NGA Advocacy Day
  • Success story: After the event, U.S. Senator Tina Smith (D-MN) cosponsored S.791, the Federal Bird Safe Buildings Act, which would require the Federal General Services Administration (GSA) to incorporate relevant features and strategies to reduce bird fatalities into newly constructed, acquired, or substantially altered public buildings. The bill also mandates that GSA develop a related design guide and annually certify its active use. Brennan Barber, Senator Smith’s Education & Labor Policy Advisor, spoke with NGA staff and members during NGA’s Advocacy Day and encouraged the Senator to cosponsor this essential legislation. 
  • NGA’s Advocacy Day was held just prior to the American Ceramic Society’s National Day of Glass, April 5 - 7, featuring technical programming and talks from some of the largest companies and biggest minds in and relying on the North American glass industry. NGA’s Urmilla Sowell participated in a panel discussion Glass in Society.  

  • This new digital resource, free for NGA Members as a gift for IYOG, harmonizes terms from NGA and other industry resources. Download your copy now.  

What’s next for IYOG 2022?  

  • June | Blueprint for Collaboration: An Evening with the Glass and Fenestration Industry, private reception for the architectural community hosted by the NGA during the AIA Conference on Architecture 2022. The evening will feature a panel presentation of glazing industry representatives discussing the future of glass in design. 

  • July | NGA Glass Conference: Chicago in Northbrook, IL, beginning July 18. 

  • September | glasstec 2022, September 20-23 in Dusseldorf, Germany. NGA is the co-sponsor of the North American Pavilion. NGA and its publication Glass Magazine are proud to represent the North American glass and glazing industry at this prestigious international event. 

  • October | GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window and Door Expo, beginning October 18 in Las Vegas, and the Glazing Executives Forum. GlassBuild America is the largest annual gathering place for the entire glass, window and door industries in the Americas. Produced by the National Glass Association, GlassBuild America is where buyers and sellers meet and learn how to solve their most pressing challenges.  

  • December | NGA plans to publish an update of the GANA Glazing Manual as the IYOG edition. Updates include sustainability and recyclability of glass and guidelines for glazing for school security, bird-friendly glazing and vacuum insulating glazing (VIG).  

  • December | The IYOG International Closing Congress and Ceremony is planned for December 12 in Tokyo, Japan.